Today we are constantly reminded about how precious our environment is and the importance of being good stewards to planet Earth. Indeed, the clarion call of “Climate Change” and efforts to curb its adverse impacts are heard everywhere. In response to this call, humanity has undertaken an initiative to massively increase green power generation concurrent with an equally bold thrust to decarbonize our society.

A central pillar of environmental sustainability is the electrification of all forms of transportation. This entails, at least in part if not in whole, the replacement of combustion engines with electric traction motors, while simultaneously upgrading and expanding electrical grid infrastructure with highly efficient transformers. In contribution to these initiatives, NanoNeal Technologies provides expertise in the production of soft magnetic materials used for efficient power conversion. Together with our partners, we aim to build an integrated electrical steel manufacturing and processing complex that will satisfy the historic demand for thin, high-grade, electrical steels, and the laminations for motor cores that require such steel.


The core of NanoNeal Technologies is our expertise in soft magnetic material metallurgy and process know-how. We are developing technologies that allow more efficient manufacture of high-grade electrical steels with improved magnetic performance. These advanced materials will be produced on upgraded state-of-the-art processing lines using more environmentally friendly and sustainable processes, at lower operating expense compared to current technologies.

Helping to accelerate the transformation to a more sustainable future, we are actively engaged in bringing partners together to create a unified electrical steel production, lamination processing, and motor core building complex on a common campus. This “ecosystem” enables minimization of waste and resource inputs, simplifies efficient electrical steel lamination scrap recycling, and allows for interlinked production process data flow that will improve manufacturing efficiencies and final product quality — we call this concept GreenCoreGiga.


We have developed and employ proprietary processes in the critically important areas of finishing and annealing of electrical steels. In addition to these patented technologies, we offer decades of experience in electrical steel development and a strong fundamental knowledge base in the physical and process metallurgy of soft magnetic materials and can provide technical support from basic engineering studies through facility installation, start-up, and commissioning.

Together with our partners we continually analyze and challenge the status quo in the drive to develop uniquely tailored processes that can be employed in either green or brownfield electrical steel expansion projects.


Our key partner for annealing equipment is Ebner Group (Austria), the world leader in innovative, tight, high-hydrogen content annealing furnaces that operate with extremely low dewpoints. This partnership allows us to offer soft magnetic material consulting and R & D services, as well as an avenue to engage and employ Ebner‘s decades of experience in annealing process line engineering, manufacturing, installation, and construction.


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