Marius Kreuzeder | Founder & Managing Director Europe

NanoNeal | Marius Kreuzeder

Marius holds a master’s in material science from Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria with an emphasis on metals and metallurgy.

He worked for 4 years for voestalpine AG in the electrical steel division supporting technical sales, quality, and steel grade development within a multifunctional role. He made major improvements to the production efficiency for fully-processed electrical steels throughout voestalpine’s flagship Linz, Austria operations and a significant contribution to improve their semi-processed electrical offerings in both Europe and North America.

Afterwards he joined Ebner Group, working there another 4 years to develop annealing equipment for the electrical steel manufacturing industry as a senior product manager. He successfully introduced new, high-temperature annealing furnace technology for grain-oriented electrical steel to the market.

As one of the founders of NanoNeal Technologies, he focuses now as a managing director to combine new processes with optimized annealing equipment to further improve the efficiency of electrical steels.

Erik Hilinski | Founder & Managing Director North America

NanoNeal | Erik Hilinski

Erik holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Yale University and master’s and Ph.D. degrees in materials science and engineering from Duke University, and Case Western Reserve University, respectively

He has 16+ years direct working experience in the steel industry, having been a senior research engineer and technical manager for U. S. Steel Research.  Major focus areas were development of and application of cold rolled motor lamination / semi-processed non-oriented electrical steels, and sheet finishing processes.

Following his career with U. S. Steel, Erik added almost 10 years experience working in the lamination stamping and annealing industry while at Tempel Steel. There he built and lead technical organizations and set technical direction for the business.

As a result of the unique roles undertaken, he has visited most of the electrical steel producing mills in the world (50+) and has a unique perspective on the various production methodologies and material performance metrics for electrical steels.

As one of the founders of NanoNeal Technologies, Erik is now based in the USA and uses his extensive materials knowledge to develop improved soft magnetic materials for NanoNeal Technologies.

Christian Dorfbauer | Founder & Advisor

NanoNeal | Christian Dorfbauer

Early in his business life, Christian had a passion for combining technology with economics. Therefore, it was a natural evolution of this interest that drove him to acquire a master’s degree in economics at Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria.

This was a springboard that allowed Christian to be accepted into an international sales trainee-ship program at voestalpine AG’s Steel Division, which ultimately concluded with him taking a full-time role serving some of the biggest electrical steel users globally as key-account manager. He was a key part of the team developing the strategy and leading the effort to grow business in the North American electrical steel market, with much success.

After 5 years he accepted a new business development role in the area of soft magnetic composites (SMCs) for axial flux motors at Miba Group. While there for 2 years he was able to learn about other substitutional products for electrical steel in electric motors.

After founding NanoNeal Technologies, he decided to accept a new role in Ebner Group as executive vice president global sales.

He now supports NanoNeal Technologies as a strategic and business development advisor to expand the business while delivering maximum impact within the traditional electrical steel market.